Our Mission:


TrybThrive is connecting single parents with support, social events, and a space to share the highs and lows of this wild ride.

Wherever you are, find the people who have your back on hard days, make you snort laugh at the insanity, and always high five the small victories.

This sh*t isn’t easy. But you’re a total badass. And you’re not alone.

We're building this tribe to support you! What do you want most as a single parent? What are the support services that would make your day easier, provide relief when it's needed, and make your smile/snort laugh?
Here's a few options - let us know what we're not thinking about!
Direct messages to remind you of your general warrior badassery.
Text/online connection to other single parents for support
Connecting offline with social events
Connections to swap gear/clothing, ride share, and childcare
Fitness center and self-care discounts
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Shannon Hughes

Tryb founder - and seeker. Because I need my people with me for this insanity. And I can always use more people.

Raising a five-year old and running Spur Studio, a creative marketing agency in Bozeman, Montana. Mountains are my sanctuary, coffee is my life force.


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