I want every single parent to have access to support and connection, even when energy is low and time is crunched.

It’s easy to hide from the world when your identity is in flux - especially when our former social circles and familiar routines fall through the cracks. But isolation sucks, and we all need helping hands to navigate a major life transition. That’s why we’re putting the ability to connect with other single parents who get what you’re going through at your fingertips. Find someone to talk to when you need an outlet, set up playdates for the kids, and share childcare when you need adult conversation to keep your sanity intact.

We know joining a new community means building trust and you may not want to dive in all at once. Start by getting morning and evening reminders that you have the strength, courage, resilience and support to make life amazing for you and your kid(s).


Find Your People. Connect with your tribe.

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